The hotel accepts international payment cards (Visa, Master, ...), domestic payment cards and bank transfer. According to the online payment policy, hotel room rates do not include transaction fees of banks. Therefore, please note that when paying online, transaction fees will automatically add up to the total payment to guarantee your reservation.

Following Credit Cards are welcome:
- Visa
- Master card,
We accept the following currencies for the payment of your hotel bill:
- American Dollars, Australian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Singaporean Dollars
- Euro, Japanese Yen,
In view of a local bank decree, we are not able to accept faded, erased or spoiled banknotes.

Account number: 1400008888
Account name : Phạm Trung Kiên
Bank name: Vietcombank 
Account number: 1031220000
Account name: CONG TY TNHH LNK
Bank name: Vietcombank 
Guests will pay the during their stay at our hotel, either by cash or by card.
  •  If you need any further assistance about payment, please do not hesitate to contact us at email:
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